Signal/One CX11 and CX11A
Existing Serial Numbers Only
Last update 09/01/2020
Total production of 113 radios.
Total production was
15 CX11 and 98 CX11A.
73 are known to exist.


Model Serial # Owned by Call Notes Photo
CX11A 12600811 Anonymous   Hi power kit, A9 hi stability board. w/ speaker. From NI6Q then W6VHK
CX11A 13501860 Peter Andersen OZ6FH Purchased from Don Payne 7/81 by DL3BK, Hi power opt w/ tan buttons
CX11A 12120880 Thomas N. Austin, Jr. K4OTM    
CX11A 12400801 Gianluca Bozzi IZ2NTY Gift from Raymond Stone, W5RBO 8/30/07 to AE5IB. Sold 1/12  
CX11A 12881830 Daniele Cerchierini IK2UWA With fan and speaker
CX11A 12320890 Dave Curran KB4ET Purchased new from Don Payne Nov 10,1980  
CX11 9227740 Robert Dietz W2RWD Purchased from Bob Swain then Bob Sullivan. Number 15.  Last CX11 built
CX11A 10929721 Robert Dietz W2RWD From XE1CK 1/09 & Bob Swain 4/15.Then WW3KP Joseph Winnay w/ spkr
CX11A 13061840 Robert Dietz W2RWD From Paul Kluwe, W8ZO
CX11A 13221850 Robert Dietz W2RWD From Paul Kluwe, W8ZO
CX11A 11400840 Robert Dietz W2RWD Hi-power w/multicolor panel. From NU6X to VE1MBJ
CX11A 10809711 Robert Dietz W2RWD From Paul Kluwe then Don Battel
CX11A 12801820 Robert Dietz W2RWD From Paul Kluwe, W8ZO
CX11A 12240890 Robert Dietz W2RWD Original owner Lloyd Teran, W1YJI.  With CX11S speaker
CX11 9467720 Dave Dowler KA6BFB    
CX11A 11680850 Norm Drechsel WA3KEY 2 CW filters. Hi power w/fan. Excellent  
CX11A 11360840 Norm Drechsel WA3KEY 2 CW filters. Hi power w/fan. Excellent  
CX11A 10649701 Norm Drechsel WA3KEY Acquired 1/07 from K8RR  
CX11 9287740 Mike Ferraro K6ZSR Orig.owned by the late Zach Reynolds W4TXL of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco fame.  
CX11A 10569790 Hans-Erik Froberg SM3LIC Mint cond in Nordingra, Sweden. Prev owner SM5AM. Info from SM5HSE
CX11 9706790 Terry Gaiser W6RU    
CX11 9766790 Arnold Goldman WA2OAK Series 2 model
CX11A 12560811 Arnold Goldman WA2OAK From K5VT (SK) Jan 2010 then from Mark Mumaw NU6X  
CX11A 10369770 Helmut Hengstenberg DL9CI Info provided by DK4SX. Multicolor lettering  
CX11A   Helmut Hengstenberg DL9CI Info provided by DK4SX. Single color lettering  
CX11A 12000870 Pedro Ferreira CT1FCX From FL SK estate.  With CX11 spkr. Orig owner Alva Ward then KD7BS
CX11 9407720 Fred Hoffmann K5OG Mint with original box. Acquired form WE6A 12/05 then WA8CDU 12/19
CX11A 13541860 Fred Hoffmann K5OG Mint. Has hi power option and CX11S speaker. From Monte Smith, W5MO
CX11A 12280890 Fred Hoffmann K5OG From Fern Revard, VE7GZ  with filters & TCXO
CX11A 12440801 Fred Hoffmann K5OG Acquired from Doc Sheller, K8RR, 5/07
CX11 9646710 Nobuyoshi Ishikawa JH1WCD Very early rig with brown strip across PB area
CX11A   Julian de Bruyn Kops W7QV Hi-power option with fans  
CX11AX 10769711 Paul Kluwe W8ZO "for export"  
CX11A 11520840 Paul Kluwe W8ZO    
CX11A 12721810 Paul Kluwe W8ZO    
CX11A 13221840 Paul Kluwe W8ZO    
CX11A 13381850 Paul Kluwe W8ZO    
CX11A 13581860 Paul Kluwe W8ZO    
CX11A   Arlie Magby WB5IFH Mint but missing PS board  
CX11A 13621860 Gary Miller W0OGM w/ spkr. Cream colored PBs, black letters panel. Next to last CX11A built
CX11A 12520811 Gary Miller W0OGM w/ spkr. Unit has 2 filters, Hi Power w/ fans, & multicolored face plate
CX11A 9088780 Ted Miller N4QN    
CX11A   Mike Moretti W2YP Heard him on.  Would not respond to call  
CX11A 10489780 Bill Morrison K1ZJA Hi-pwr option; mint and fully operational. From W0YVA  
CX11A 11009721 Jim Osborne K7LYQ Built Dec.1979 with TCXO & CW filter installed by W8CXS  
CX11A 10239760 Jerry Pittenger K8RA Purchased from KA2MVX 11/20/09. Now SK current owner unknown
CX11A 11160820 Massimo Rampa IZ0KIO  Purchased on ebay from W9VTC on Oct 8, 2005  
CX11A 13341850 Doug Randall KN2Y Original owner W2FCO  
CX11 05550301 Fred Rosenthal K6FJR Gift from his father when he got license in the 70s.
CX11A   Peter Russo NJ1N Tan buttons  
CX11A   Peter Russo NJ1N CX11S Speaker  
CX11A   Peter Russo NJ1N    
CX11A   Peter Russo NJ1N    
CX11A 10889721 Y.Satow JA2BCX From a ham shop in Tokyo about eight(8) years ago.  Now in Nagoya  
CX11A 13021830 Gary Schonwald K2PVC TCXO, hi-power fan option  
CX11A 12640811 Tony Seaton W4SX    
CX11A 10589790 Robert Selman WE6A Original owner - W8CXS Paul Koller  
CX11A 9167830 Robert Selman WE6A Acquired 10/05
CX11A 13701870 Eugene Shablygin W3UA/RA3AA Purchased from W6RU 10/07 then KD7BS  
CX11 9586711 Corey Simon K9BTR Inherited this radio from his grandfather, K9BTR (SK)
CX11A 13141840 David Stewart NI5M From Ritner Nesbitt N4BNM (SK)  
CX11A 10289760 Jim Stitzinger WA3CEX Originally owned by Jim Lawson  W2PV  
CX11A 10849721 Ric Strachan C6ANI From W0RN, with speaker purchased new from Don Payne in 1979  
CX11A 11920870 Bob Sullivan W0YVA    
CX11A 10449780 Bob Sullivan W0YVA Mint with speaker
CX11A 11120820 Bob Swaine KD7BS Owned by Eric Kirchner, VE3CTP, then K5OG
CX11A 11960870 Bill Turini KA4GAV Excellent condition  
CX11A 12200890 Cliff White WB5DYA 3rd owner.  All in Austin area. Hi power and TCXO  
CX11A 12160880 Peter Wittenburg K2LRC
CX11A 10969721 Yuzuru Yonemura JR1AGC  
CX11A 13301850 Bob Zaepfel K4HJF    

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