Signal/One Registry
Last update 01/15/2019
Below are the lists of all known Signal/Ones. It is as accurate as I can make it based on information I have.
A big problem I have, is tracking sales of Signal/Ones on ebay.  For several years now it is virtually impossible to
get information on these sales from the seller and ebay has the site so locked down it is impossible to know the buyer. 
I have nothing positive to say about ebay.  It certainly isn't the open auction site it was years ago.  Now it's just another Amazon "Wanna-Be".

There are 369 in the registry.  That's almost 32% of all Signal Ones built.  I have not included any parts rigs (all CX7s).
Information available indicates there were 1153 Signal Ones built:
850 CX7, 113 CX11, 168 MS1030 (number of "C" versions is not known),
6 MilSpec1030C, 15 MilSpec1030CI Icom IC-781 conversion
s and 1 Milspec1030E DSP Icom IC-756 Pro conversion.

Prior to 2000 Paul Kollar believed about 1/2 of the CX7s and nearly all CX11s and MS1030s survived.
It's now 2019
and I am now certain (sadly) that was a bit optimistic.

This will always be a work in progress.
Should you not want your name or call in this list please let me know and I will make that info private. 
If you own a Signal/One and can provide any additional info or corrections please contact me by email.
If you have any pictures of your Signal/One email them and I will add them to the web site.

The CX11 Census Link will take you to a spreadsheet that lists all know CX11 Serial Numbers and all known past owners.
Click here for SIGNAL/ONE CX11 CENSUS

CX7 Registry

CX11 Registry

MS1030 Registry

MilSpec1030 Registry

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