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Last update 04/14/2017
Here are the lists of all known Signal Ones. It is as accurate as I can make it based on information I have.
A big problem I have, is tracking sales of Signal Ones on ebay.  For several years now it is virtually impossible to
get information on these sales from the seller and chicken-shit ebay has the site so locked down it is
impossible to know the buyer.  I have nothing positive to say about ebay.  It certainly isn't the open auction site it
was years ago.  Now it's just another Amazon "Wanna-Be".

There are 333 in the registry.  That's about 29% of all Signal Ones built.  I have not included 22 parts rigs (all CX7s).
Information available indicates there were 1151 Signal Ones built:
850 CX7, 111 CX11, 168 MS1030 (number of "C" versions is not known),
6 MilSpec1030C, 15 MilSpec1030CI Icom IC-781 conversion
s and 1 Milspec1030E DSP Icom IC-756 Pro conversion.

Prior to 2000 Paul Kollar believed about 1/2 of the CX7s and nearly all CX11s and MS1030s survived.
It's now 2017
and I am now certain (sadly) that was a bit optimistic.
If you own a
Signal/One and can provide any additional info or corrections please contact me by email.

Any information will be greatly appreciated
 This is a work in progress.
Should you not want your name or call in this list please let me know and I will make that info private. 
If you have any pictures of your Signal Ones email them and I will add them to the web site.

CX7 Registry

CX11 Registry

MS1030 Registry

MilSpec1030 Registry

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