Signal/One CX11 Census

August 2017 - Bill Turini, KA4GAV has done extensive research on the status of ALL CX11s.  I assisted Bill a bit with this project but the
vast majority of work was done by him.  The spreadsheet linked below is compiled from information in Paul Koller's
original notes and information in the CX11 Registry that I have gathered over the years. 
Unfortunately it seems that many of the last known owner's call signs are not active or have been reissued, leading us to believe the
owner is now SK.  So in many cases we must assume their radio is "lost".
Each entry has the original owner listed first and all other owners listed in order below.
If you notice any errors please contact Bill or me.
So here is it.  A lot of information and history on the Signal/One CX11 and CX11A.

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Build       Date Owner  
# Serial Number Registry Model Built Shipped Call Name Comments
1 05550201   CX11 N.I. 5/1/1976 K4ID Don Payne  
2 05550301 Yes CX11 N.I. N.I. WA6OLX Fred Rosenthal  
            K6FJR Fred Rosenthal Now K6FJR
3 9960676 CX11 N.I. 7/20/1976 C.W. Wade  
            K2TT Bill Schneider  
4 9826790 CX11 N.I. 9/27/1976 W0RN Harry Snyder  
            W6UH Gary Goldsmith  
5 9766790 Yes CX11 N.I. N.I. J. Gallucci Series 2 model
            NI6Q Brian Thompson  
            WA2OAK Arnold Goldsmith  
6 9826770 CX11 N.I. N.I. W6BH L. Shaklee  
            W6UH Gary Goldsmith  
7 9706790 Yes CX11 N.I. 10/9/1976 K2BQ Paul Haczela  
              (Ganett Radio)?  
            KE6CS Lawrence R. Wiseman  
            K6PKO Jerry A. Chandler  
            W6RU Terry Gaiser  
8 9646710 Yes CX11 N.I. N.I. K1UN Jordan L. Ring Very early rig with brown strip across PB area.
  W5DD Bill Nielsen  
            JH1WCD Nobuyoshi Ishikawa  
9 9586711 Yes CX11 N.I. 11/15/1976 Ralph Lange  
  K9BTR (SK) Patrick Hall Corey confirmed that his grandfather purchased this radio from Ralph Lange
            K9BTR Corey Simon Inherited this radio from his grandfather K8BTR (SK)
10 9526711 CX11 N.I. N.I. K2TT Bill Schneider  
11 9467720 Yes CX11 N.I. 3/1/1977 K2BQ Paul Haczela  
              Dr. Jay??  
            KA6BFB Dave Dowler Rescued from trip to dumpster July 2019
12 9407720 Yes CX11 N.I. N.I. W0MLY George R. Mc Kercher  
  KD6WW Bob Devore  
  WE6A Robert Selman  
            WA8CDU Bill Robbins  
            K5OG Fred Hoffmann Mint with original box.
13 9287740 Yes CX11 N.I. N.I. W4TXL Zach Reynolds Originally owned by Zach Reynolds (SK) of R.J. Reynolds tobacco fame
  W4SX Tony Seaton  
            K6ZSR Mike Ferraro  
14 9347740 CX11 N.I. N.I. AD6Y Howard Krinsky  
              Chris Natale  
15 9227740 Yes CX11 N.I. N.I. K2BQ Paul Haczela Last of non-ribbon cable CX11s
  Day Stevens  
  K4EIR Bob Swaine This was on Paul Kollar's original list as the first CX-11A, but is incorrect.
            W0YVA Bob Sullivan Purchased from Bob Swaine.  Number 15. Last CX-11 built. This was listed by Paul Kollar as the first CX-11A, but it was verified with Bob Swaine that it is a CX-11, so it is the last CX-11 built.
            W2RWD Robert Dietz  
16 9167830 Yes CX11A N.I. N.I. W6BH L. Shaklee (SK) ex W6PQW
            WE6A Robert Selman Acquired 10/05
17 9123740   CX11A N.I. 2/13/1978 HB9BIJ Ralf Graf Marked with ? After S/N
18 9088780 Yes CX11A N.I. 1978 K1UN J. Ring  
            N4QN Ted Miller Acquired 10/05
19 10049720 CX11A N.I. 2/23/1979 L. Weaver Rebuilt by Paul Kollar
            K6GA Alan Emerald  
20 10089730   CX11A N.I. 4/30/1979 K6AV Gerald Robinson SK December 6, 2019
21 10129740 CX11A N.I. 5/7/1979 Undecipherable  
            VE7BC Tom  
22 10169740 CX11A N.I. 5/12/1979 W5JDL Maurice H. "Pappy" Spinks  
              M.N. Hickman  
23 10209760   CX11A N.I. 6/25/1979   Dr. Julian Brugn?  
24 10249760   CX11A N.I. 7/5/1979 W2PV Jim Lawson  
25 10289760 Yes CX11A N.I. 7/5/1979 W2PV Jim Lawson  
  K6GA Alan  
            WA3CEX Jim Stitzinger  
26 10329770   CX11A N.I. 7/16/1979 K4SPA Lev Francis  
27 10369770 Yes CX11A N.I. 7/16/1979 Fritz Frey  
            DL9CI Helmut Hengstenberg Info provided by DK4SX. Multicolor lettering.
28 10409770   CX11A N.I. 8/10/1979   Burghett?  
29 10449780 Yes CX11A N.I. 8/31/1979 K1EJ Ephrian Johnson  
            W0YVA Bob Sullivan Mint with speaker
            K1ZJA Bill Morrison  
30 10489780 Yes CX11A N.I. 9/5/1979 L. Bridgebuhr  
            W0YVA Bob Sullivan Hi Power option/ Mint and fully operational.
31 10529790 CX11A N.I. 9/15/1979 N1AFD Richard Fontaine  
            W1DBS John P. Savonis  
32 10569790 Yes CX11A N.I. 9/20/1979 DL8FL Frank Lohrmann  
  SM7GZZ Kjell Grahn  
            SM3LIC Hans-Erik Froberg Mint Cond in Nordingra, Sweden. Prev owner SM5AM. Info from SM5HSE.
33 10589790 Yes CX11A N.I. 10/1/1979 W8CXS Paul Kollar (SK)  
            WE6A Robert Selman  
34 10609790   CX11A N.I. 10/8/1979 WB4KCG Ronnie Milsap  
35 10649701 Yes CX11A N.I. 10/12/1979 Wade 2 CW filters.. Hi Power w/fan. Excellent
  K8RR Doc Sheller  
            WA3KEY Norm Dreschel Acquired 10/08 from K8RR
36 A10689701   CX11A N.I. Oct-79   Mr Gomez Note prefix to S/N
37 10729701 CX11A N.I. 11/9/1979 W2REH Joseph M. Clayton, Jr.  
            KD2EL Peter A. Russo, Jr.  
38 10769711 Yes CX11AX N.I. 11/26/1979 HB9BIJ ? Ralf Graf "for export"
            W8ZO Paul Kluwe  
39 10809711 Yes CX11A N.I. 11/30/1979 KG6X Dr. Vincent R. Finnell  
  Lee Eaton  
  W8ZO Paul Kluwe  
              Don Battele  
40 10849711   CX11A N.I. 12/13/1979 KB5AC Lester R. Dawson  
41 10889721 Yes CX11A N.I. 12/13/1979 W6BH Lee Shaklee  
            JA2BCX Y Satow From ham shop in Tokyo abt 8 yrs ago. Now in Nagoya.
42 10929721 Yes CX11A N.I. 12/26/1979 Jim Wilson  
  XE1CK Alejandro Escarcega  
  K4EIR Bob Swaine Purchased 10/09
            WW3KP Joseph Winnay Purchased 4/15
            W2RWD Robert Dietz Purchased 12/17
43 10969721 Yes CX11A N.I. 1/15/1980 AC8L Jay S. Stevens SK
            JR1AGC Yuzuru Yonemua  
44 11009721 Yes CX11A N.I. 1/23/1980 Leroy Hilt Built Dec 1979 with TCXO and CW filter installed by W8CXS
            K7LYQ Jim Osborne  
45 11040810   CX11A N.I. 1/31/1980 W7UA Pat Bacon  
46 11080810   CX11A N.I. 2/5/1980 OH2BH Marti Laine This one was marked #45 on the list.
47 11120820 Yes CX11A N.I. 2/25/1980 W0RN Harry Snyder  
  Fred Lawson  
  VE3CTP Eric Kirchner  
  K5OG Fred Hoffman  
            KD7BS Bob Swaine  
48 11160820 Yes CX11A N.I. 3/3/1980 WB5CSO Mike Russell  
  KB4BGA Herbert E. Collins  
  VQ4MR? ?  
  W9VTC Lee J. Harris  
            IZ0KIO Massimo Rampa  Purchased on eBay from W9VTC on Oct. 8, 2005
49 11200830 CX11A N.I. 3/11/1980 Jim Costello  
            W6RU Terry Gaiser  
50 11240830   CX11A N.I. 3/22/1980   undecipherable  
51 11280830   CX11A N.I. 3/20/1980 W0AMY Leonard W. Nay  
52 11320830   CX11A N.I. 3/31/1980   Universal Condor  
53 11360840 Yes CX11A N.I. 4/26/1980 K2HFX Robert F. Von Rekowsky  
  W4MLY ??  
            WA3KEY Norm Dreschel 2 CW filters.. Hi Power w/fan. Excellent
54 11400840 Yes CX11A N.I. 4/29/1980 Universal Condor Hi Power version with multicolored front panel.
  NU6X Mark Mumaw  
  VE1MBJ Thomas Gaum  
  W2RWD Robert Dietz  
55 11440840   CX11A N.I. 4/29/1980   Roger Acuff  
            N4CBJ John C. Powel  
56 11480840   CX11A N.I. 5/6/1980 K7CTR Walter B. Boyer  
57 11520840 Yes CX11A N.I. 4/30/1980 K7ES Helge Granberg (SK) Motorola RF engineer. Invented broadband solid state amplifier. Also OH2ZE
            W8ZO Paul Kluwe  
58 11560850   CX11A N.I. 5/24/1980 N6NI Thomas N. Hoyne  
59 11600850   CX11A N.I. 5/30/1980 WB6VGA Roy C. Dolley  
60 11640850   CX11A N.I. 6/15/1980   lost  
61 11680850 Yes CX11A N.I. 7/10/1980 K7EG James A. Denneny, Jr. 2 CW filters.. Hi Power w/fan. Excellent
  K4JC? B. Fitz  
  AC4G ?  
            WA3KEY Norm Dreschel  
62 11770860   CX11A N.I. 6/25/1980 HC1PB Piero Bassno  
63 11760860   CX11A N.I. 6/27/1980 AF0P W.L. Weir  
64 11800860   CX11A 7/1/1980 9/25/1980 DJ1ZG Herbert Lennartz  
65 11840860   CX11A 7/1/1980 7/10/1980 W1QUS Hugh E. Cronin  
66 11880870   CX11A 7/23/1980 10/25/1980 KK5K Harold D. Tutor No SM Connector
67 11920870 Yes CX11A 7/23/1980 9/5/1980 W4SKO E. Freeman Leverette  
            W0YVA Bob Sullivan  
68 11960870 Yes CX11A 8/10/1980 Sep-80 W6TJS Stanley Siegel HI Power w/fan. With CX11 speaker. Multicolored lettering.
  WA6KKM Michael C. Malone  
  W8ZO Paul Kluwe  
            KA4GAV Bill Turini Added Sherwood IF and Narrow filters. 
69 12000870 Yes CX11A 8/10/1980 11/24/1980 N9CJI Alva J. Ward HRO Demo
  K4EIR Bob Swaine From FL SK estate. With CX-11 speaker.
            CT1FCX Pedro Ferreira  
70 12040880   CX11A 8/29/1980 10/20/1980 DK3QY? Mike Brozowski  
71 12080880   CX11A 8/29/1980 9/8/1980   D. Pike ?  
72 12120880 Yes CX11A 9/18/1980 9/26/1980 W4ZCB Harold Johnson Cream color pushbuttons
  W4EMF Lawson Summerrow  
  N4BNM Ritner Nesbitt  
  KC4BMX Odis Hughley  
            W8ZO Paul Kluwe  
            VE1BMJ Daniel Guam  
            K4OTM Thomas N. Austin, Jr.  
73 12160880 Yes CX11A 9/20/1980 11/3/1980 K4SMX Stewart H. Woodward  
  W0VYA Bob Sullivan  
            K2LRC Peter Wittenburg  
74 12200890 Yes CX11A 10/7/1980 10/15/1980 KB5Z Alfred T. Ray Hi Power and TCXO.
  ? There was a second owner  
            WB5DYA Cliff White Third owner.  All in Austin area. 
75 12240890 Yes CX11A 10/7/1980 10/7/1980 W1YJI Dr. Lloyd J. Teran Original owner
            W2RWD Robert Dietz  
76 12280890* Yes CX11A 10/13/1980 10/13/1980 VE4IX Arnold Gaith With filters and TCXO
  VE4AHB W. Watson  
  VE7GZ Fern Rivard 12280801 is the number on Paul Kollar's list.
            K5OG Fred Hoffman 12280890 is on the SN tag on radio, verified by Fred.
77 12320801 Yes CX11A 11/7/1980 11/7/1980 WD4RCO James D. Curran  
  12320890?         KB4ET James D. Curran Purchased new from Don Payne in 1980
78 12360801   CX11A 11/5/1980 11/7/1980 K2BTX Dr. Paul R. Patterson  
79 12400801 Yes CX11A 11/14/1980 12/12/1980 W5RBO Raymond Stone  
  AE5IB Kipton Moravec Gift from Raymond Stone 8/3/07 to AE5IB.  Sold 1/12
            IK3GLF Nicola Gandini  
            IZ2NTY Gianluca Bozzi  
80 12440801 Yes CX11A 11/21/1980 11/21/1980 W0RWN Harold A. Nelson High Power kit
  W3APO Frank H. Altdoerffer  
  K8RR Doc Sheller Sold 5/07 to K5OG
            K5OG Fred Hoffmann  
81 12480711   CX11A 11/28/1980 11/28/1980 W7UA Pat Bacon HRO  
82 12520811 Yes CX11A 12/5/1980 12/5/1980 WB3EPT Dr. Louis Madonna W/speaker. Unit has 2 filters, Hi Power w/fans and multicolored lettering.
            W0OGM Gary Miller  
83 12560811 Yes CX11A 12/10/1980 12/10/1980 WB3FQE Stanley J. Dworak  
  K5VT Central AZ DX Assoc.  
            NU6X Mark Mumaw From K5VT in Jan 2010
            WA2OAK Arnold Goldman  
84 12600811 Yes CX11A 12/19/1980 12/15/1980 KB4I James J. Craft, Sr. Hi Power kit. A9 Hi Stability board. With speaker. 
  NI6Q Brian Thompson  
            W6VHK Darrell Huth  
            Anonmyous   Owner in SoCal
85 12640811 CX11A 12/19/1980 12/19/1980 HRO
            W4SX Tony Seaton confirmed in email from 2011
86 12680812 CX11A 12/24/1980 1/6/1981 N4??? Greg Wilson  
            KD6LW Michael A. Kennedy  
87 12721810 Yes CX11A 1/22/1981 1/29/1981 K4OTM Thomas N. Austin, Jr.  
            W8ZO Paul Kluwe  
88 12761810 CX11A 1/26/1981 1/29/1981 N5B?? Charles Grimes All prior had multi-color labels on front panel
            W6HX Frederic M. Gillett  
89 12801820 Yes CX11A 2/9/1981 2/9/1981 AA7?? Walter ? Paul noted the front panel label colors for the previous and subsequent radios, but not this one.
            W8ZO Paul Kluwe  
90 12841820 CX11A 2/19/1981 4/28/1981 K1RR Jay Horwath All following had brown letters on front panel
  N5B?? Charles Grimes  
              Larry ?  
91 12881830 Yes CX11A 3/5/1981 3/8/1981 Walter Emerson With fans (HP?) and speaker
  W8NSF Tom  
            IK2UWA Daniele Cerchierini  
92 12941830 CX11A Apr-81 Apr-81 W6HX Frederic M. Gillett  
            OH2BH Marti Laine  
93 12981830   CX11A 3/10/1981     Italy  
94 13021830 Yes CX11A 3/13/1981 3/20/1981 Harry   Hi Power fan option, TCXO.
            K2PVC Gary Schonwald  
95 13061840 Yes CX11A 4/13/1981   W8ZO Paul Kluwe In Paul Koller's notes as "India".  Was inside joke with W8ZO
            W2RWD Robert Dietz  
96 13101840 CX11A 3/31/1981 4/15/1981 K5OR? M.H. Spin?  
            W5JDL Jimmy Sanger DP purchased from Jimmy Sanger
97 13141840 Yes CX11A Apr-81 N.I. W4VOL/0 Charles Meininger  
  N4BNM Ritner Nesbitt  
            NI5M David Stewart  
98 13181840   CX11A Apr-81 N.I. K8EWK Charles S. (Chuck) Mooney  
99 13221840 Yes CX11A 5/3/1981 N.I. HB9BIJ Ralph Graf  
            W8ZO Paul Kluwe  
100 13221850 Yes CX11A     W8ZO Paul Kluwe  
            W2RWD Robert Dietz  
101           KN8Z Doc Sheller Doc told me he did sell this radio but could not remember to who
102 13301850* Yes CX11A 5/18/1981 N.I. W5UKS Jerry Culver Originally listed as 13302850.
Visual confirmation verifies the S/N is 13301850
  W5LVD Dan B. Carey  
            K4HJF Bob Zaepfel  
103 13341850 Yes CX11A 5/27/1981 N.I. W2FCO Arnold Biegland  
  WA8CDU Bill Robins  
            KN2Y Doug Randall  
104 13381850 Yes CX11A 5/31/1981 N.I. W7JOO Robert Syversen  
  W7GVJ Monte R. Mueller  
            W8ZO Paul Kluwe  
105 13421860 CX11A 6/25/1981 N.I. W0DO Lee Wiese  
            W0MLY George R. Mc Kercher  
106 13461860   CX11A 7/10/1981 N.I. WA2SWH Frank Chiorello  
107 13501860 Yes CX11A 7/1/1981 N.I. DL3BK Bernhard Muller Purchased from Don Payne 7/81. Hi Pwr options w/tan buttons. Ex DJ8FW
            OZ6FH Peter Andersen  
108 13541860 Yes CX11A 7/7/1981 N.I. WD5CPZ Sydney Purser .
  W5MO Monte Smith  
            K5OG Fred Hoffman Mint. Has Hi Power option and CX11S speaker.
109 13581860 Yes CX11A 7/21/1981 N.I. W1DQH Richard Mahler  
            W8ZO Paul Kluwe  
110 13621860 Yes CX11A 7/25/1981 9/25/1981 W2FF Tim Peterson W/speaker. Cream colored PBs, black letters on panel.
            W0OGM Gary Miller  
111 13661870   CX11A 9/1/1981 N.I. W0ONH Don Steinberger  
112 13701870 Yes CX11A 9/1/1981 N.I. W4ZCB Harold Johnson  
  W6RU Terry Gaiser  
  KD7BS Bob Swaine Purchased 10/07
            W3UA/RA3AA Eugene Shablygin  
113 13741870 CX11A 9/25/1981 9/25/1981 W2FF Tim Peterson Last CX11A Built
            K6GA Alan Emerald