Signal One History

In these pages I will share what I have learned about Signal One over the years and I will include stories and emails from others who have a knowledge of this story as well.  It will truly be a work in progress.  If you have anything to contribute or you believe that something I have included here is wrong or incomplete I welcome your input.  Too many of the people who truly knew the intimate details of this saga have passed away or are unwilling to talk about it.  A few people I have talked to who have knowledge of the early days refer to the radios as "Signal NONE".  Cutting edge technology that caused some problems in the beginning to unfortunate tales of hams getting screwed out of large sums of money in the end, never to see their IC-781 returned to them.  As I said on the S1 home page, my only intent in creating this web site is to chronicle the history of Signal One and track the ownership of the existing radios.  Whether or not all of this is true it makes for a helluva story.

K5OG K8RR (SK) K5LQL (SK) Don Roehrs (SK)
Eham Review
W4XS Dr. Gene Chenette N5YJ (SK)


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