From 1969 to the 1990s
some of the finest amateur radio transceivers were made by Signal/One. 
Even by current standards they are fine transceivers.  Limited production numbers
and a unique history make these radios some of the most interesting of all amateur radios ever made.

My only intent in creating this web site is to chronicle the history of Signal One and to track and preserve the existing radios.
I have no interest in trashing anyone or anything having to do with Signal One.

March 24, 2017 Update:  I have known of this for a while it was decided not to share this on the web until now. 
This decision was made after consulting with another avid Signal One collector.
This information may already be known by some but I will now share this.  Details are few but basically,
Don Roehrs was killed in a tragic car crash involving another vehicle May 5, 2013.
Apparently the remaining Signal One related items were sold at an auction, some of which is in the hands of Signal One collectors.
However, much was lost.  Don was holed-up in a "box trailer" somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. 
He was using this as his workshop.  It seems that most of the items there were lost.

Registry of Existing
Signal/One History

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Information & Data
Signal/One Pictures Bill Turini, KA4GAV, site dedicated to Signal/Ones
Tube Clamp
CX7A Restoration
Recreation of K0HHP
LM380 Audio Module
Creation of a
Signal One
MilSpec 1030E DSP

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