Milspec 1030
Last update 09/01/2020

168 MS1030 were manufactured.  An unknown number of them were MS1030C. 
 60 are known to exist at this time.

Model Serial # Owned by Call Notes Photo
MS1030C 0906635     Sold on ebay 02/14 by WK9Q.  Owner unknown.  
MS1030 8207121     From W8ZR. Sold to another German by DK3NG Aug. 2006. Call unknown  
MS1030C 0309431 anonymous   From Darrell Huth, W6VKH.  w/ high power kit.  Excellent condition.  
MS1030 9501124 Jimmy Ball   From Ed Ord, SK  
MS1030 1009638 Rex Brown WA6GYC Purchased on ebay 5/07 from W4MOT.   
MS1030 1204227 Robert Butler W4FW  
MS1030 0102749 Robert Butler W4FW  
MS1030   Angelo Diamantoni W8ERN SK March 27, 2016.  Worked with Don Roehrs on 1030 design  
MS1030 8308122 Bob Dietz W2RWD From Paul Kluwe, W8ZO  
MS1030 0707943 Bob Dietz W2RWD From Fern Revard VE7GZ  
MS1030C 7602026 Bob Dietz W2RWD CX7M mic & speaker. "C" on label.  From XE1CK then KD7BS then KA6NNR
MS1030 0303434 Bob Dietz W2RWD Orig. picked up at a hamfest in Williams, AZ by N7RK, Dave Hollander  
MS1030 1201738 Norm Drechsel WA3KEY All filters. Hi power w/fan. RS232  
MS1030 0109332 Norm Drechsel WA3KEY All filters. Hi power w/fan. With the only MSA-RCSU Console known SN 1001  
MS1030C 01011054 Norm Drechsel WA3KEY Purchased from K7QBM on ebay 12/07  
MS1030 0301432 Hakan Eriksson SM5AQD Owned by Peter Laur for a few years.
MS1030C 1081841 GTMO ARC KG4AN Club Gitmo. Info provided by N4JY.  
MS1030 809021 Ulrich Graf DK4SX    
MS1030   Helmut Hengstenberg DL9CI Info provided by DK4SX  
MS1030 0708538 Helmut Hengstenberg DL9CI Info provided by DK4SX  late model with options  
MS1030C 1131165 Fred Hoffmann K5OG Acquired from ND6W 6/06. RS-232 interface Photo
MS1030C 0651349 Fred Hoffmann K5OG Acquired from ND6W 7/06. RS-232 interface Photo
MS1030 0408439 Fred Hoffmann K5OG From Glenn Cove School on Long Island. Hi-power with filters Photo
MS1030 0304435 Fred Hoffmann K5OG Orig owner till late 1980's - N1AKX (SK). Acquired from Dave McCurdy, K1ZG
MS1030 1006734 Darrell Huth W6VHK From Mark Mumaw, NU6X  
MS1030   Ben Joplin WB5VST Rig pic in QST.  EOC - Tulsa Chapter of the Red Cross.  Hi pwr version  
MS1030   Doug Joyce VE3MV Original Owner  
MS1030   Al Kahn   SK K4FW Radio shown in pic of his station. Now unknown  
MS1030   Al Kahn   SK K4FW Radio shown in pic of his station. Now unknown  
MS1030   Otto Krumbeck DL3YAY Info provided by DK4SX  
MS1030 907636 Charles F. LaBrecque W1QVW Purchased from Payne Radio 9/28/83  $5865.00 All options  
MS1030C 0641339 John Malmberg N4JY Acquired from gov disposal 4/99. Hi-pwr with AFSK filter & RS232. Photo
MS1030   Matt Manning   Acquired at a govt. auction. Sold on ebay 3/2011. New owner unknown
MS1030C 0381208 Jim Mastropole K2ELY MS1030LP:MAS21PA:MSA26C1  
MS1030   Frank Miller K9HMB On ebay 10/30/05. Belonged to Ronnie Milsap. Has manual  
MS1030   Ben Moeller OZ8BV/HB9DUY    
MS1030 9602125 Peter Munzer VE3HV Original owner K2ZGC. With original box & manuals. 2nd owner W4NJ  
MS1030C 0503533 Len Nagorski WA0OQW  
MS1030 0706942 Roy Nollkamper K7JAQ From W7MRI. One of a group of 1030's owned by the State of Montana
MS1030 0406437 Henry Niklas N1ALR Acquired in the 1980s.  Second owner.  Excellent working cond.
MS1030C 0104057 Massimo Rampa IZ0KIO Paul Koller radio. Acquired on ebay from W9VTC 10/05 Jennings Relay/no fans  
MS1030 0205337 Massimo Rampa IZ0KIO C on rear label not on front panel. Hi power option with no RS232  
MS1030 0703849 Fern Rivard VE7GZ    
MS1030   Bill Robbins WA8CDU    
MS1030   Mike Roden W5JR From W4TVN(SK)  
MS1030 1004732 private G4HSB / IU0JJD  All filters installed. Transmitter testing at 200W PEP output.( 2 tones)
MS1030   Peter Russo NJ1N Hi power option  
MS1030 1205228 Gary Schonwald K2PVC Previous owner ZF1HJ (SK). RS232 added
MS1030 0407438 Fred Semiano NE2E Hi-power ver. with filters, RS232 interface & original manual  


Gene Shablygyn W3UA/RA3AA From UF's Gator ARC. w/ manuals, box, Hi-pwr &all filters. 2nd owner W4NJ  
MS1030 307023 Kole Shannon   Sold on ebay 6/10.  New owner unknown once again thanks to chick shit ebay  
MS1030C 1206229 Chal Shrader K5CYE Purchased in 1990.  In regular use  
MS1030 8106120 Gaspar Silva CT1AYI With Hi-power option  
MS1030 0207339 Shawn Singletary KE5MXA Previous owner Weldon Drennan, K5LQL (SK)
MS1030 0305436 Peter Solly VE3AD Third owner from estate of SK. With 1 CW filter  
MS1030C 0521319

Jim Stitzinger

WA3CEX Possibly the last 1030 built.  In excellent condition.
MS1030 0561059 Bob Sullivan W0YVA Originally at the Lewis & Clark Co. EOC  
MS1030   Lloyd Teran W1YJI Original owner.  
MS1030 8905029 Roberto Torri I2JIN From HB9BGG  Hi Power option
MS1030C 0731248 Nick Tusa K5EF
Model Numbers: MS1030LP; MSA21PA; MSA26CI

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