A "NEW" Signal One MilSpec1030E DSP
Icom IC-756 Pro Conversion


Darrell Huth, W6VHK, has created the "FINAL" Signal One. 

Here is the information I received from Darrell:
This was the "Milspec 1030E DSP and was based on the Icom 756-Pro.
It was the last radio Don ever worked on and was shown at Dayton around 2000 / 2001. 
My plan is to put it back together and hopefully make a radio out of it.
Basically it was an Icom 756-Pro with a special interface board, Sony 10.4 "
display, Lambda power supply, and a Sony Pentium-2 computer.

So here are the pictures of this one of a kind radio.  Darrell obtained the front panel from Mark Mumaw, NU6X. 
Mark also has another one of a kind front panel that Don was apparently going to use in modifying another Icom radio, the IC-7800.  I have included a picture of that panel.

This picture is of the actual radio.  It was most likely a non-functional mock-up of an IC-756-Pro with a Signal One front panel. 
It is obvious the display is actually an image insert.


More pictures of the radio.  Darrell has made significant progress.
I received this message from Darrell.

This is turning out to be quite a project! I was able to buy a nice Icom 756-Pro,
took it all apart and started trying to figure out what Don had in mind.
I assumed the front panel circuit boards were Icom.
After taking everything apart it turns out they are all custom made Signal /One boards.
At this point I have the front panel all wired but have two obstacles left to jump over,
longer ribbon cables to several of the controls and interfacing the larger display.
Stay tuned.

Earlier pictures of the radio.

And these are pictures of the two front panels from Mark.

More progress at the end of the year.  This picture has the original Icom display temporarily installed. 
Darrell is striving for "perfection" as he is going to great
lengths to make this look like it was built at the S1 factory.


January 17, 2017 I received this picture. 
The S1 display is installed and working. 
 This is history in the making.


Now it's March and the radio is almost complete.
Here is a message I received from Darrell.

What a fun project this has been. I was just talking to Mark / NU6X on 40 and he said it sounds great.

Many many little things left to do and work out but I wanted to put it on my desk for a few days and enjoy it before going back to work on it.

Notice the USB keyboard and mouse plugged into the front panel! The original design called for a Sony 333 mhz Pentium-2 laptop computer to be built in but I installed a Dell 3050 "micro" pc instead. Solid state hard drive, Wifi ( antennas on rear ) , etc ..... it works great.

I will send you a pic of the inside soon. On the bottom tray is the chassis of the Icom 756Pro and behind it a Astron SS-35 switching power supply. The rear mounted fan turns on/off as needed and is very quiet.

The top tray houses the computer, display adapter board ( to drive the Sony laptop 10.4" LCD screen ) and the RGB to VGA adapter board to interface the Icom video to the front screen. I was going to use a Lambda PS but could never figure out what model he had in mind.

As you can see in the pictures, both the original Icom video and the Signal One video can be displayed.  And it can be used as a computer.  In the last picture, the web browser is displaying a page from this web site.


This will be the last update for a while.  Here is what I received from Darrell on April 9, 2017

This will be the 1030-E's final resting place for a while. Notice I have mounted a small vertical row of push button switches in the "drive a" slot.
These are used to toggle the display between the Icom video and the Computer video as well as adjusting the contrast, brightness, etc... Now I need to design and build buttons to go over them and hopefully look nice.

Also I need to find the correct "all mode" modem to install to make all of those little LEDs in the upper right side ...that will look cool!

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